Monday, January 14, 2008


Since I am an avid reader of some blogs, I decided that when our little girl was born that I would create a blog to post pictures and share some reflections and thoughts. And of course, if we are ever far away from friends and family they can look into our lives and perhaps smile, laugh, and share in the joy of our family. As an introduction to our family, Elizabeth Grace, was born on December 26, 2007, weighing in at 6lbs 7oz and 20in long. She is absolutely beautiful, smart, gracious, charming..the list could go on:) She is indeed a bundle of joy, and it has amazed me (though it probably shouldn't) how fast and hard we have fell in love with her. My husband, Jonathan, is my high school sweetheart. We have a sweet story of God's grace and sovereignty of putting us together which I will enjoy telling my children time and time again. Of all the things I am thankful of, this one is for sure, I am thankful for a husband who loves the Gospel and displays Christ love to me in our marriage. He likes to play wiffle ball (it is really ridiculous:) he loves the St Louis Cardinals (hence, the navy blue background and red writing that will probably soon be changed) and he has quite a fetish for books (just come to our house or ask to borrow one:). He is pretty much my best friend and I grow more in love with him as each day passes..he is truly amazing:) And for me, I love being a stay at home mom (although I haven't been one long:) I am just beginning to experience the many joys of motherhood. I am excited as I am fulfilling what God has called me to be--a helpmate to a wonderful husband, and a homemaker for my children. As I look back on my life this past year and how it has drastically changed (from being single, to married, to being a mom) I am thankful for God's grace to our family. This is certainly the life--to be wholly satisfied in Christ, and to enjoy the pleasures of God's many gifts. He is definitely good. Without further adieu, here is some pictures of our amazingly beautiful daughter...

(pictures are courtesy of Aunt Leslie, Leslie Parnell LDPhotograph)


Jonathan Parnell said...

you are excellent

Lindsey said...

so glad you have a blog girl! your precious elizabeth is so beautiful. cant wait to keep up with you guys via blog world now :)

Lindsey Isham