Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Elizabeth's Two Month Checkup

So, today was Elizabeth's two month checkup. The doctor said she is growing well and all looks good:) She is 22 1/2 inches and she is in the 50th percentile for height. She weighs 9lbs 14oz placing her in the 25th percentile. And her head circumference was 37cm and she is in the 25th percentile with her head measurements. For those who do not understand the percentiles, her weight for example, 75% of babies at her age weigh more than her, and only 25% of babies her age weigh less than her.

Jonathan was able to come and meet me for some of her appointment. Lucky for him he left before the hardest part of the doctor's appointment, the shot time:( Elizabeth got 3 big ole, ugly shots which sent her in to hysterics. It broke my heart to see those big crocodile tears come down her face and her little lip poke out. But when I picked her up she immediately stopped crying. I must say, it makes me feel good to know that sometimes mommy can make everything feel better:)

Sorry these pictures are not the best quality, I took them on my cell phone since we are waiting for Jon's poor computer to come back to life!

(Here's our boo-boos, but we did get some pretty bandaids)

(As you can see, Elizabeth is okay, but completely worn out:)

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Anonymous said...

Poor baby gma sends loves and kisses and can't wait to get well to see her....I love you all..