Monday, February 11, 2008

Time is Flying..

So, originally my idea was to post at Elizabeth's one month birthday and then atleast weekly, and what do you know..Elizabeth is almost 2 months and it has been almost seven weeks since she entered the world. I'm still getting adjusted to school and being a wife and mom...which is daily getting easier and easier. I'm amazed at how each day our little girl is growing up. Jon as my witness, I cannot tell you the many times I have cried just thinking about her getting older. One instance was when she out grew her premie stuff and started fitting into her newborn outfits (which she still wears:), I got all teary-eyed. And another instance was when we were taking pictures of her (oh the many pictures we have taken:), I kept thinking about how one day we would be digging them out for her wedding, and I did cry. It could have been my hormones...but nonetheless, even if I do think she is growing entirely too fast, it has been amazing to see her "grow up" thus far. So now, I will just post some pictures and let you see for yourself how quickly time is flying...

Okay, so this I know is a complete no-no..
but when she was sleeping in her bassinet and would
randomly wake up after only 30 minutes of sleep we did not
feel bad about putting her in the bed with us to sleep another hour
so we could get some shut eye ourselves before she woke up again:)

Then we realized how much she loved her
bounce seat..and she slept a little longer at a time:)
(which she completely hates now, go figure:)

Then we put her in her crib...and she slept a little longer
and I know, the belly thing is another recent "no-no"..
(oh, and don't worry..we do put covers on her..but I wanted
to show you what she looked like under her blankets..
When I wake her up, she has her little butt in the air..and it
is simply too adorable!:)
and now..she sleeps all by herself in a queen size bed.
No, only kidding..but she has for 2 weeks slept from
10:30 pm to anywhere from 7:00-8:00am.
(thanks to Babywise:)

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Anonymous said...

You are too funny girl...Mike made a joke about Elizabeth's blogspot but after reading I encourage it in every way. Write every chance you get! If for no one else for Elizabeth...I think it would be awesome to look back at my life through my mothers eyes! You are an incredible mom...Keep it up! Love You!