Monday, April 28, 2008

Elizabeth's 4 month check-up:)

We just got back from our appointment. Little Elizabeth is 13.9 lbs (in the 50%) and is 24 inches long (she is in the 50% as well in height). Her head circumference is 40.5 (placing her in the 48%) I cannot believe how fast she is growing. On the downside, we had to get 4 shots. Trust me, it was worse for me than it was for her...

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Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, although you are too young to even know what a web page is we want you to know you are the most beautiful baby girl we have ever laid eyes on. The joy your little smile brings you will one day know how truly loved and blessed you are both by your wonderful parents and all of your loving grandparnets.

We love you more than words will ever express!!! Papaw and Mimi