Friday, May 23, 2008

Wake Forest

So, here is the day that has seemed so far away in my mind.  I cannot believe that the journey I embarked on 3 1/2 years ago has finally come to a completion.  Today during graduation I could not help to think of how it seems like only yesterday I sat in chapel under Dr. Akin's opening address for orientation.  Southeastern/ Wake Forest is such an incredible place for me.  It was where a love was rekindled when God's providence brought Jonathan and I back together.  It was in front of the chapel, the place that Jonathan asked me to be his wife.  It was here in Flaherty Farms that I learned I was pregnant with Elizabeth.  It was on our couch that I handed Jonathan a present with an "I love Daddy" bib to let him know.  It was the place we brought Elizabeth home to, and it is still crazy to think we are here on our last night holding her.  

Southeastern is the place where I met one of my best friends, Elissa.  She has prayed for me, encouraged me, sang to me (whether I wanted her to or not), laughed with me, gotten mad with me, cried with me, taken care of me when I was sick.  She has emulated for me how a sister helps carry a burden, weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those who rejoice.  My heart is flooded with such a deep love for her and her friendship, and I'm thankful to God for the blessing and means of grace she is to my life.  And, oh, how my heart rejoices for her and Jonathan now as I think of them holding that precious Josiah, who I fervently prayed for the Lord to give to them. 

There has been many prayers answered here at this place.  My husband.  My baby.  Friend's to have babies.  Future plans.  The list could go on to even the simplest of things that the Lord has provided for us through our and others' prayers.  And I cannot help but to think how good He is.  I'm thankful for older couples who have taken Jonathan and I under their wings to mentor us, love us, display for us a godly husband/wife.  I'm thankful for those many friends who have encouraged us and prayed for us.  I think about Dylan as he is fighting for his life, and how he kept me company those long hours at switchboard.  I am reminded that the Lord gives and He takes away...but that He is still good.  

As I think about our last night in Wake Forest, my heart is overcome with such vast emotions.  Sadness, joy, excitement, grief.  I rejoice with Elissa on the arrival of their baby, and I weep for the Shugart Family as they struggle through such a difficult time.   I'm excited about discovering a new city and sad to be leaving (physically at least) dear friends and family.  I am reminded, however, of that better city...where one day with my brothers and sisters in Christ we will be together again, singing of the glorious Gospel of Christ, who is our salvation, sustainer, and delight.  God is not confined by our location, and neither is our joy.