Friday, June 27, 2008

Okay..I'm just rambling..

Okay, so originally I thought once I was done with school and we had moved I'd have more time to write. However, we have had a crazy time since we moved with various situations. Right now, Jonathan is in the big "OK" representing Southeastern at the Founder's Conference, while Elizabeth and I are eagerly awaiting 8pm to arrive so we can pick him up at the airport. Elizabeth has just started saying "da da da" this week..and it is just too adorable. She turned six months yesterday, and it is so crazy to think how fast she is growing. We go to the doctor on Monday to get our six month check-up/shots. I'm wondering how she will be on the percentile scale. She turned six months yesterday and today she is wearing a 0-3 month outfit that is almost a tad big. She has just started to fit into some 3-6 mon onesies...and that is only because she is growing too long. Is this normal? I mean I know nothing is wrong with her..I just think it is really odd.