Thursday, August 21, 2008

Seven states and three days later..

(Originally, I was going to post this 2 weeks ago, but obviously didn't.  I just modified some of the information because I thought it would be too complicated otherwise. )

We are here! We arrived in Minneapolis around 5 pm on August 20. Apart from having to tell friends and family goodbye, we had a great drive up here, and the scenic view was beautiful.  

When Jonathan came up in late July, we found a sweet place to live around fellow believers. We are renting a duplex from Bethlehem members, who will be living above us.  

Our landlords just had bought the duplex like a month or so ago. There were tenants who were living in the apartment when they bought it, so we have been patiently waiting for them to move out. Before we left, the current tenants had not moved out, so our landlord arranged for us to live with a family, three houses down from our duplex.  The Tongs have been so kind to let us stay with them and have introduced us to many new people, not to mention, some new games. 

We are so thankful that the tenants who were living there moved out this weekend (Labor Day Weekend) and without causing a huge fuss.  So after some cleaning up and repairing we will soon be moving in.  I can't wait to post pictures of the final product...I think it will look great!

Again, thank you to all who have been praying for us during this huge transition and process.  We have marveled at the Lord's sovereignty and know that the Lord has worked through the prayer of His people to accomplish His will for our lives.   We are grateful (and humbled) knowing that God does not owe us friendship, but that He has graciously supplied that to us.


Anonymous said...

We love you! But we want pictures of Elizabeth!

The Parnells said...

haha, that figures.