Monday, September 29, 2008


Well, needless to say, I think (but not the natives) that winter is fastly approaching. I was wrapped up all day in the house, and had Elizabeth in a pretty thick sweatshirt. When I finally found the thermostat in our house, it read 60 degrees and it was in the mid to low 50's today. I could not believe it. No wonder we were so cold. Normally we have our setting on atleast 69-70, so being the genius that I am, I bumped the temperature on up. We left to eat dinner out, and then head to small group.

3 hours later, we returned to our house feeling like a sauna! I thought I was going to melt. When we went to see what the thermostat said, it was set on 70ish and but it had heated up to 89 degrees in our house! I loved it (at first) and Jonathan couldn't breathe. Oh well, our heat works very well.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finally...a video for Jon


We are moving into our apartment today.  When we began the moving process, we moved in with my mom for two reasons: to save money and to avoid having to pay outrageous rent.  So since the end of May, we have lived at her house and stored all our belongs in my dad's barn.  When we moved to Minneapolis, we lived with the Tongs and stored our stuff in their garage.  Although living with my mom and the Tongs has been such huge blessings, we are pretty excited to have a place of our own again.  

I'm so excited to get in there.  The place looks practically brand new.  Most of the hardwood floors have been refinished, a wonderful paint job, and a brand new kitchen (I'm probably most excited about the kitchen).  The Pipers have worked so hard on apartment in the midst of having their second son, Morrow.  We are so grateful to have such great landlords and neighbors.  I cannot wait to put up pictures! :-)

Friday, September 12, 2008

In the meantime..

We have some pictures on our camera that need to be uploaded on the computer.  The only problem--it's pack away in a box somewhere out in the garage (or barn, as I like to call it).   However, we managed to figure out the photobooth on Jon's macbook.  Here is a shot of the girl and me.  I hope this silly picture will suffice until we can get some more pictures uploaded.  

Gearing up for winter

It is already getting mildly cold here (you know, like mid 60's during the day and 48 at night).  We are practically used to that kind of weather back home in December.  So, needless to say, we are preparing for our first real winter.  In preparation, Elizabeth's down winter coat just came in.  It is so adorable that I wanted to post some pictures of it.  

Many thanks for Mimi, Granddaddy, Grandma, Granna, and Poppy for getting Elizabeth some warm clothes to wear.  

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A risk-taker

Elizabeth does not have a cautious bone in her body.  She will lunge towards the mouth of a drooling dog.  Dive into a pool (or bathtub) of water.  Crawl to the nearest electrical outlet.  Stick her fingers through the slots of a running fan.  Roll off a bed because she is certain daddy will catch her.  She has no sense of danger.  

My little risk-taker likes to stand all by herself now.  She even lets out a delightful laugh when mommy and daddy sit close to each other, stand her up, and let her fall face down into one of our arms, in hopes she would rather take a step than fall (of course, she really enjoys the latter).  

She is growing up so fast.  I just hope her cautiousness will catch up with her. :-)

Monday, September 8, 2008

An irony of parenthood

As of recent, Elizabeth has been very impatient while waiting for me to fix her bottle and when I'm trying to transition her from her bottle to her solid food.  She does this high-pitch squeal that resembles a very loud (and annoying) whine.  The other day when this happened I thought this would be a great time for me to talk and explain to her why she has no need to whine.  The conversation (if you even want to call it that since I obviously do all the talking) went like this:

Me:  "Sweetheart, mommy really wants to teach you to be patient.  Has mommy ever not feed you?"
Elizabeth:  Whine, whine, whine, whine...
Me: "Mommy has been providing all that you need, and I never want to keep something from you that would be good for you."  
Elizabeth: More whining, whining, whine...

In the midst of what I thought was a pretty pointless conversation (since she apparently has no idea what I had said) it struck me...

How many times (especially in our process of moving to Minneapolis) have I whined to God impatiently about wanting something right away.  I caught a glimpse of my relationship with God, when in the midst of my whining, He took my hand and said He did not want to withhold any good thing from me.  That He, more perfectly than I could ever meet Elizabeth's needs, has provided for my every need through Jesus Christ.  In that instance, I realized how much I am like my 8-month, impatient daughter and how much God loves me, a sinner, yet His child.  

I love the irony of when I was trying to teach my little girl patience, God rich in grace taught His little girl a thing or two about patience.