Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A risk-taker

Elizabeth does not have a cautious bone in her body.  She will lunge towards the mouth of a drooling dog.  Dive into a pool (or bathtub) of water.  Crawl to the nearest electrical outlet.  Stick her fingers through the slots of a running fan.  Roll off a bed because she is certain daddy will catch her.  She has no sense of danger.  

My little risk-taker likes to stand all by herself now.  She even lets out a delightful laugh when mommy and daddy sit close to each other, stand her up, and let her fall face down into one of our arms, in hopes she would rather take a step than fall (of course, she really enjoys the latter).  

She is growing up so fast.  I just hope her cautiousness will catch up with her. :-)

1 comment:

Jonathan Parnell said...

you can be a risk-taker when you have a Dad you know will catch you