Thursday, October 30, 2008

our 10 month wonder

Earlier this week, Elizabeth turned 10 months. So you may be wondering, "what is Elizabeth doing at 10 months?" Well, I'm glad you asked. Here is a list of all the things she likes/does:

  • She eats some foods with her fingers.
  • She loves to share an empty bottle, her last couple of bites, and fake food.
  • She claps her hands when I sing, "If you're happy and you know."
  • She sometimes waves bye-bye.
  • She says ma-ma, da-da, and ba-ba (sometimes for her bottle and sometimes when people leave).
  • She crawls super fast.
  • She occasionally bites (and gets spanked).
  • She has a really cute dance.
  • She loves her baby doll (although, I think it is not attractive).
  • She loves her daddy's teddy bears (Brent and Wrinkles, although, she favors Brent more, and it nearly breaks Jon's heart).
  • Actually, now that I think about it, she just loves stuff animals.
  • She bear hugs our legs.
  • She has two teeth (the bottom front) and is currently cutting at least one of the top front.
  • She is really accident prone (unfortunately, like her mother).
  • Oh, and she loves to play with her daddy.
I cannot wait to see Jon's face when she asks to paint his toenails! I painted my dads' once and swore to him we had fingernail polish removal, only to discover we didn't (oops). My fireman dad wore his fire engine red toenails proudly when he had to do his weekend fire duty. No, I'm pretty sure he never took his socks off (sorry dad).

Here is what playtime with dad looks like...

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Minneapolis is beautiful.  Here are some pictures of our scenery.  


Friday, October 17, 2008

ma-ma and da-da are good for now..

Sometimes I'm thankful Elizabeth isn't very verbal yet.  

In the book I'm reading, "Don't Make Me Count to Three" by Ginger Plowman, she shares this story:

(in advance, sorry I don't know the correct way to block quote with the format of the blog.)

    "I learned humility well one Friday afternoon in the Winn Dixie Grocery Store about three years ago.  
Normally, I do my grocery shopping in the morning while the store is not so crowded.  But for whatever reason, I found myself waiting in the checkout line at 6:00 p.m. on Friday with my two children.  The place was packed.  There were cashiers at all 10 registers and six or seven carts in every line.  In the line next to me, the very last line, waited a mother and her two small children.  They were about the same ages as my chidlren, three and five.  Mini refrigerators filled with various drinks were strategically located at the end of each check out counter. 
The five year old began to beg mom for a coke (Let the games begin!).  
Mom gave a firm, "No."  The boy began to walk over to the refrigerator.  
Mom said (loudly), 'You better not open that door!'  The boy opened the door.
'You better not pull a drink out of there, mister!'  The boy grabbed a coke.
'If you open that coke you are going to get it!'  The boy unscrewed the cap, tossed it on the floor, and took a big swig.
Mom was screaming now, having completely lost it.  'You just wait until we get home and your daddy hears about this!  You kids never listen to me.  I've had it up to here with you both!'
No one was able to decipher the exact location of 'here' but we kept listening anyway.  It's not that we were being nosy.  It's just that there is nothing else to do while waiting in line, so this scene had the full attention of every customer.  Now, in order for all these people to watch the scene unfold, they had to look past me and my children, who on this particular day were behaving well.  Enter pride.  Rather than having compassion for this poor mom and the struggles she was having with her children, I smugly thought, 'You won't see my kids acting like that.'
And then it happened.  My three-year-old daughter, Alex, was standing right behind me when all of a sudden she blurted out the most horrible three words imaginable.  It was as if she had grabbed one of the microphones from a checkout counter and yelled into it with all her might.  Waving her hands frantically in front of her face, in a BOOMING voice, she screams, 'Mama!  You pooted!'  My entire body froze.  Time stood still.  To this day, I do not know which was worse--the second she blurted it out or the minute it took for everyone to realize it was true."

Reading this story, reminds me of some of the funniest bathroom experiences I've had.  You know, the ones where you are in the stall beside that brave women who has that little talking toddler in there with her.  The mom, obviously, doing what she came in there to do, when the youngster loudly proclaims, "Ew, mom, what is that?!"  

Although, I laughed out loud with the story Ginger Plowman shared, and quietly tried to hide my snickering during the infamous bathroom times, there is a sense of fear of what might come out of Elizabeth's mouth one day.  

In times like these, I'm thankful my little girl only mutters ma-ma and da-da and hope I can laugh (and be humbled) at whatever will come out of the mouth of my babe.   

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And the world's worst mom and wife award goes to...

This morning I awaken to tiny fingers jabbing in my mouth and nose.  Jonathan rarely has the privilege to get Elizabeth up, so any opportunity he has to have a brief but sweet snuggle time with Elizabeth and for her to wake me up, he takes advantage of it.  Apparently, earlier this morning our toilet was clogged.  So it was to my "delightful" surprise, to see the calm, peaceful waterfall flowing onto my newly swept floors.   Of course, I thought, great, now I don't have to mop; the toilet did it for me!  I was pretty upset.  So naturally, I "kindly" said, "Jonathan, you did not fix the toilet from this morning.  Water is going everywhere. This is just great!"  Jonathan comes running into the bathroom to see for himself.  Once he evaluates the scene, he tells me to go watch Elizabeth and that he'll clean and try to fix it.  It was after this we heard the heart-stopping thud.  

I was relieved to hear Elizabeth cry, because I knew at least she wasn't unconscious.  Jonathan beats me to her and calms her down within 5 minutes.  She continues to settle down as he gives her a morning bottle and puts an ice pack on her head.  I, on the other hand, walk around obviously disgruntled.  I kept thinking, "This is not the way our morning routine goes.  She stays in HER crib, while I do everything I need to do in order to feed her."  Clearly, I was trying to push the blame on Jonathan, although I never said a word to him.  

So, how do I wish this morning could have gone differently?  Well, firstly, I wished I would have been more concerned about the well-being of my daughter, rather than how an overflowed toilet resorted to cleaning and even more laundry to do.  And secondly, that I would have been more concerned about how Jonathan was feeling, since he was experiencing the same guilt that I was.  I was so selfish this morning.  

Despite the half-dollar sized bruise on her forehead, Elizabeth seems to be fine.  She managed to sleep her morning nap in between me poking her every five to ten minutes. 

Please pray for me to be a better wife and mom.  Pray that my justice complex would not keep me from being gracious when I need to be.  Pray that I would be more loving and quick to forgive my husband.  Pray that I would live out Philippians 2 in the understanding of what Christ has done on my behalf.  

I'm thankful Elizabeth was not seriously hurt and that Jonathan and I were easily and quickly reconciled.  Hopefully, we have "Baby falls off bed" checked off for good.  

Friday, October 10, 2008

music nostalgia...

The past couple of days, Jonathan has been serving me by doing the dishes.  It is really humbling to find him at the sink after he has put in a full day of work, study, and numerous other things that he does for our family.  I really appreciate his servanthood and example to our family. 

The other day while he was doing the dishes, I was reminded of one (of the many) songs that we claimed as ours in high school (oh, the cheesy-ness I feel just typing that!)  It took me back to many fun memories we had. 

What songs take you on the road of music nostalgia?

I Wanna Grow Old With You ( - Adam Sandler

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A new hair-do

Our sweet girl's hair is growing so long and turning so blonde!  Here are some pictures of her latest hair-do-- a pony-tail. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday, Uncle Aaron

On September 29, Jon's little brother, Aaron, turned the big 1-9.  I know we are a few days late getting this up here, but we wanted to wish you a happy birthday, uncle Stinkie! :-)