Thursday, October 30, 2008

our 10 month wonder

Earlier this week, Elizabeth turned 10 months. So you may be wondering, "what is Elizabeth doing at 10 months?" Well, I'm glad you asked. Here is a list of all the things she likes/does:

  • She eats some foods with her fingers.
  • She loves to share an empty bottle, her last couple of bites, and fake food.
  • She claps her hands when I sing, "If you're happy and you know."
  • She sometimes waves bye-bye.
  • She says ma-ma, da-da, and ba-ba (sometimes for her bottle and sometimes when people leave).
  • She crawls super fast.
  • She occasionally bites (and gets spanked).
  • She has a really cute dance.
  • She loves her baby doll (although, I think it is not attractive).
  • She loves her daddy's teddy bears (Brent and Wrinkles, although, she favors Brent more, and it nearly breaks Jon's heart).
  • Actually, now that I think about it, she just loves stuff animals.
  • She bear hugs our legs.
  • She has two teeth (the bottom front) and is currently cutting at least one of the top front.
  • She is really accident prone (unfortunately, like her mother).
  • Oh, and she loves to play with her daddy.
I cannot wait to see Jon's face when she asks to paint his toenails! I painted my dads' once and swore to him we had fingernail polish removal, only to discover we didn't (oops). My fireman dad wore his fire engine red toenails proudly when he had to do his weekend fire duty. No, I'm pretty sure he never took his socks off (sorry dad).

Here is what playtime with dad looks like...


Elissa said...

so sweet! You both are such wonderful parents, elizabeth is so blessed!

Anonymous said...

You are such a wonderful mommy! I love readin E's updates! Sounds like she's keeping mom and dad on their toes! Cute story about the finger nail polish! :)