Monday, November 3, 2008

All Natur-ale

I should have known I would never be the natural, organic type. With the first throbbing of a headache, two Tylenol appear on the scene. When I found out I was expecting Elizabeth, I never struggled with "should I get an epidural, should I not?" I knew what I was going to do. In fact, you will rarely hear me say epidural, without a possessive pronoun accompanying it--my epidural.

What inspired this post was an article I saw about not using shampoo (via another blog that gives me a laugh). No "pooing," as they like to call it, sounded very interesting to me. I read that article and even googled other articles obtaining to the same subject. I kept picturing my non-chemical-hair waving in the wind, and the beauty of my skin that didn't guzzle down the hap-hazards of my shampoo--all between the sips of my refreshing diet Mountain Dew. I could tell my interest started to fade, when I would have to make my own shampoo. I hardly like making dinner (and I love food!). So I decided my Herbal Essence is natural enough for me. Sigh.

When I discovered that cloth diapers still existed, I was really into that idea. But, I had changed one too many of Elizabeth's poopy diapers, and I decided that if we were to ever have a child that didn't poop, cloth diapers would be the way to go.

So apparently, I'm into the organic/natural way of life, just not that in to it. As I sit here typing this, I have a splenda-filled coffee sitting beside me. I just have to realize that although some of these things sound so great, I lack money, energy, and motivation to choose this way of life. I'm a helpless cause. Avoiding most processed meats, is about as natural as I get, and for right now, I'm okay with that.


Elissa said...

ohh how my life would be so different without all my chemical hair products... there is only so much you desire to give up sometimes.. Im with you my friend

Anonymous said...

Yeah the lack of money and motivation must come from the Cockrell side of the family! I have the same problem!

Anonymous said...


This made me laugh. Isn't if funny how things sound so good and perfect until you try them for yourself and then you change your maind QUICK! I don't know how many times I've done that.

We're getting close to moving closer to Durham. God is good. I hope to hear from you. You can blog me for find me on face book. Take care.

Zinnada Hodges<><

Theresa said...

This is hilarious! I went w/out an epidural when I was in labor & still ended up having to have a c-section after pushing for 1 1/2hrs! Next time, I'm just opting for the c-section up front. So I have to agree - going 'all natural' is alot of work & definitely not preferable!!