Tuesday, December 2, 2008

our first MN well check-up

I went ahead and scheduled Elizabeth a 12 month appointment since we would be out of town on her birthday and because we missed her 9 month check-up. We went today and meet her doctor that she will be seeing regularly--I absolutely love her doctor. I mean, not that the one in Wake Forest was bad, but our new doctor is just exceptional! She was so encouraging to me as a mom and very interactive with Elizabeth. She didn't act like she was too busy for us and answered all my questions very thoroughly. She took her time and I didn't feel like we were another check off of her to-do-list. (you know how it is, the doctors rush in and want to rush back out).

So here is Elizabeth's stats:

She weighed 20.05 lbs (29th percentile) and was 29.9 ins (65th percentile) long. She is long and lean and super healthy. She has two top teeth trying to make their way in, and she got the flu shot today and blood drawn (which was awful for me! She, on the other hand, was not one bit bothered by the prick of the needle, just annoyed I was holding her down).

We praise the Lord for a great check-up and for finding such a great doctor.

Her stats have changed. Not because she has grown more, but because I looked at the growth chart wrong. I found a calculator that would do all the work for me here if anyone is interested.


Alyson said...

Phoebe went for her 15 month well check today and is 20 lbs 15oz and 29.5 inches, 20% in both! Elizabeth and Phoebe are about the same size! I miss you guys! I would love to have the girls play together. Hope that you all are doing well!

Elissa said...

Elizabeth is so cute! I love her! I took josiah yesterday and he weighed 19.12, and he is only half her age! haha! i love it though, Im so glad you found a good doctor, it makes all the difference doesn't it?! well i cant wait to see her walk in a few weeks! love you guys

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth is very healthy- that's always wonderful to hear! Give her a kiss for me!