Monday, January 5, 2009

Family and idolatry

In my attempt to keep a check on making my family an idol, I have realized I have been asking myself the wrong question.  In most cases, when I am evaluating my sin in this area I often ask myself, "How would I react if this [insert a life-changing hypothetical situation] happened to me?"  As if my hypothetical reaction would clearly reveal to me whether or not I was making an idol of my family.  How arrogantly ignorant of me?  

Instead of asking what I will do, I need to be asking how I am responding to my family now.  

How am I responding to Elizabeth when she is disobeying?  Am I angry with her because she is being disobedient to not only me, but ultimately to God?  Or am I angry because I think her disobedience means I am failing as a parent?  How am I responding to Jonathan?  Am I seeking too much satisfaction in him?  

It is a very good thing to desire to be a good wife and mother.  But too often, I have found I have made those things an ultimate thing.  My value is not in how well I have been teaching Elizabeth obedience, but in Christ's obedience on my behalf.  And my identity isn't found in Jonathan, but in Jesus.  It is when I am looking to Elizabeth and Jonathan for my justification that I have turned a very good thing into something horrendous.  My prayer for my family is that I would love them rightly, and in a manner that they yearn to cling to Christ and look to Him for their supreme joy and satisfaction--not to her mommy or to his bride. 

In what ways do you battle with this particular sin of making an idol of your family?  What questions do you ask yourself?  

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nicole said...

word up to my girlie; i was just thinking of you the other day. did you guys come home for christmas? how r u -- i miss you and think of you so often. love reading your blog. great way to keep in touch not to mention facebook too.