Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Going, going, gone.

Back in August when Jon asked me about growing a beard, I knew this dreaded day would come.  And of all mornings, this is the one he chose.  

Coming into our room he proclaimed, "Enjoy my beard while it is here, Melissa!"  So I rubbed it once.  Then he disappears in the bathroom for some time.  After some minutes, he comes out with some ridiculous reason as to why this look was really cool, and how he was completely stumped as to why no one had a handlebar, as he called it.  

Being the gracious wife I am, I told him (a lot) how un-cool it was, and that I would not leave the house with him until he fixed it.  

His last appeal was the mustache, which thankfully, was gone after 5 minutes.  


Anonymous said...

Those are AWESOME pictures! I liked the mustache but the handle bar wasn't bad. So you like the beard or you don't?

Anonymous said... I can't stop laughing.

Unknown said...

You are kidding me?! The handlebar was awful and the mustache just looks like his lip is dirty.

I have to get used to him being cleaned shaved--he looks super young right now.

I love the beard and scruffy look. But he always wants to shave it at some point and always comes up with something hideous like those pictures. Then he always threatens to keep it that way...and I'm afraid one of these days he may actually do it!

Anonymous said...

I'd put him to the test next time:

Tell him you love it and want him to keep it--then see if he is willing to leave the house with it.

Unknown said...


i would take you up on your test. but since Jonathan has read your comment, it's more like a "double dog dare." he's too much of a guy to back down from one of those.