Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Peace like a River"

Our friends have been raving about this book, Peace like a River. Every time I turned around I heard something else wonderful about it. Although I'll admit it doesn't take much, it had my curiosity running wild. I really struggled about whether I should read it or not. Like every other (normal, I should probably add. there are those freaks of nature out there) newly graduated college student, I had vowed to not read ever again. It wasn't until my husband pointed out that I had already broken this blessed promise to myself by reading C. S. Lewis, A Grief Observed. And, oh, how I could barely put it down!

So here I am again, suckered into another book. I started it on Saturday and I am only 50 pages from finishing it. I realized tonight that as eager as I am to find out what happens to the Land's, I don't want the book to end. I have slowed the pace down. I want the adventure to draw out as long as it can.

I love books like this. You know, the ones that sweep you up in its' beautifully written prose and makes it seem as though the narrator has been your best friend since 1st grade. I will commend the book just as my friend suggested: Read it!

Oh, and you may be wondering why I posted this prematurely? I haven't even read the end of the book for crying out loud. Well, because Molly loved it so much, she is giving some away for free on her blog.

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Jonathan Parnell said...

Those books in college that you read would have been more enjoyable if you gave yourself a little more time to read them!:) Or was the reading that bad?! Shakespeare, Donne, Herbert.... awful, huh?

The vow to not read again really crushed me. I am glad to see that you are not keeping up on it (I actually didn't take you seriously then though)

I love you.