Monday, February 16, 2009

A few thoughts (or confessions) about my writing style

I was thinking about my style of writing last night. Here are a few of my observations:
  1. My grammar is rough. For all you grammar nazis: I'm really, really sorry.
  2. I like to use parentheticals. Mainly because I think that current thought should be further a bit (and most of the time it really doesn't). And well, It's biblical you know. :-)
  3. I heart commas. Jon has nicknamed me "Comma Queen." I think they are pretty and if I'm ever in doubt I throw one in for good measure. Yep. I forgot all the comma rules. I just use them eve,ry,where.
  4. Recently, I noticed people using these * around words. So I decided to throw some of those in the mix because I like the *. I don't even know the reason people use them. I place them in when it seems fitting (but don't ask when it seems fitting, I don't really know).
  5. Yeah...I don't even know what * name is.

I'm sure there are a lot of other things (please don't hurt my feelings) but I thought I'd start here. I am now going to google what * are called and the reasons for its usage. Oh, and I probably should add (or confess) a sixth thought:

  • I'm a people-pleaser and care too much what other's think. I don't want anyone thinking I'm an idiot. But that is perhaps a another blog for another time.


I already knew that * are called asterisk. Sorry, I had a somewhat blond moment and thought I was more stupid than what I really was. Good thing I clarified that and appeased the people-pleasing monster in me (refer back to the last bulleted thought if you need clarification).


Anonymous said...

You are so funny, Melissa!

Anonymous said...

I love your writings...I think you are very creative in your writings and you always make me laugh...keep up the good work...grammer isn't everthing...

love ya