Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Valentine's Day Wish...

To all my fellow chocolaholics,

Is it just me, or is the temptation to buy boxes of chocolate seem extremely hard this time of year? When doing my grocery shopping I have found myself often circling the heart-shaped boxes display that beckons my name, "Melissa, please buy me."

The other day at Target, I had one in my hand. My plan was to buy it for Jonathan as his Valentine's present. I got almost to the check-out and had a let-me-be-honest-with-myself-moment. Jonathan doesn't even care for chocolates. The most he would probably eat would be 3 and 1/2 (the 1/2 being the chocolate covered coconut that I always end up getting. I spit one half out, and put the other back in the box). I couldn't buy it once I figured it was like me buying a present for myself. So I left with 2 boxes of double fudge brownies, both of which are gone (they were on sale--I couldn't help it!).

Last year at Valentine's Day, Elizabeth was almost 2 months old. Naturally, I was trying to loss my baby weight, so Jonathan, who knows my obsession with chocolate, bought me an extra-extra dark chocolate bar. Yep, it was disgusting.

The only present I would love more than chocolate for Valentine's Day would be a Honda Odyssey. And since that is highly unlikely, I'm hoping for a box, even a small one, though the bigger, the better. :) So here is my subtle hint to my husband, and a cry of help for my chocolate addiction.

Having withdrawals,


Jenna said...

i hear you, soul sista. i have found myself not even pretending to buy it for someone else. you know the day after when it's on clearance. it's like you're doing walgreens a favor to buy that heart-shaped box of deliciousness for a mere 50% of the retail cost. (yeah, that's right. i said "walgreens". i feel cheap and dirty all of the sudden.)

i probably won't resist. i'll just get myself a box of chocolates february 15th.

Jonathan Parnell said...

i thought i was doing a very special thing when i got you the dark chocolate. it was so fancy.