Sunday, May 17, 2009

What's up?

...oh, nothing. 

We have been terribly busy lately.  I have been babysitting and Jon is trying to finish up his semester.  It ends Thursday. I am pretty stoked and looking forward to a great summer.  Here are a couple of quick things to catch y'all up: 

Elizabeth went in for her 15 month check up (at 16 months, oops).  She weighed 23.11 pounds (50th percentile) and was 33 1/4 inches (87th percentile).  She is long and lean and fully active.  Last check up they checked her iron levels which were a little lower than they would like, so she had to take some iron supplements.  This time when they checked it, it was even lower.   The poor thing now has to take two iron supplements (one of them is the Flintstone's Vitamins, yum).  We have to go back in August to check her iron again and we are hoping the levels will rise. 

Jonathan finished his last 20 page paper the other night and he is currently studying for his Greek exam on Thursday.  After Thursday we are done with school until August.  I am so excited that he is almost done with this year AND that he isn't taking a summer school class.  Aaron (his brother) is flying up on Friday, so we are excited to see him. 

I am currently 17 weeks pregnant.   We find out what we are having next Friday (May 29).  I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy is going by.