Friday, October 23, 2009

So when is this baby coming?!

Okay. Cast your predictions of when this baby will make her grand entrance in the world and how much you think she will weigh.

FYI-if you put past my due date (Oct. 26) I will probably not consider you a friend for the rest of my pregnancy. (only half way kidding)


Pam said...

Oct 26
......6lb 4oz

Elissa said...

oct 25 at 1am ...7lb 4oz :)

Guy Magno said...

Oct 25th at 5:30pm

7lb 6oz

Sheri said...

Enjoy the "calm" before the "storm"....but a great storm. Just think, one day you will miss those movements in your womb :)

Oct 26 (only b/c I was threaten) weighing 6lbs 6oz
Love you! Aunt Sheri

Anonymous said...

The rest of your pregnancy is probably less than a week... I think I'll risk it. The 27th! (don't hate me)

How much are babies supposed to weigh anyways? I'll go with 7lb even.

Anonymous said...

I thinking nov 29 and 10lbs 2 oz.

poppy said...

Nov. 4th
4:44 PM
7lbs. 7oz.
Can you guys pick me up at the airport on your way to the hospital?

Pam said...

I meant Oct 25.......6lb 7 oz