Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Excuse the semi-randomness of this post. It's basically a brain dump and some of the many things weighing on my heart lately.
  1. I know I'm a little biased, but really, Elizabeth is the cutest thing ever.
  2. I was really nervous about the growth of the our family and how I would adjust, but God has been very gracious to me. I think the transition has gone really smooth and a lot easier than I was expecting. But for those who have asked that question "how are you adjusting as a mom of two?" ask me again when Hannah becomes more mobile. I may be humming a different tune.
  3. In just thinking about being a mom, I realize how indispensable Elizabeth has been to me for my sanctification. I honestly thought I would be amazed at how early sin rears it's ugly head in my toddler, but I have been more amazed (or disgusted) about the ugly sin that has surface from myself. Motherhood is wonderfully hard, and daily I realize how inadequate I am to be a gospel-centered mom. I pray that He would lavish His grace on me. I am certainly desperate and needy.
  4. Is Elizabeth really almost 2? I know--almost 2 today, and on the way to prom tomorrow.
  5. Hannah Kate has been a delightfully easy baby. She started sleeping from 11-8 at 4 weeks, and she rarely cries. Sleep has been good for me.
  6. Hannah is almost 2 months. I can't believe that either.
  7. In thinking about Hannah, I can't help but to think of my friend Audrey. She gave birth to her firstborn son, Zachary, around the same time as me. Zachary died 5 days later. When I heard this, I was a glob of emotions (and still am.) I wanted to cry and cuss all at the same time. "THIS ISN'T THE WAY IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE!" It's not supposed to be this way. It's not. This advent season, I am longing more than ever for Christ to return. I am longing for that Holy City, the New Jerusalem to come down from Heaven. The place where creation no longer groans, death is finished, tears are forever non-existant. Where Christ, our bridegroom comes, and we fully understand and feel (as we ought) the marvelous effect of His blood-bought gospel... where we are eternally satisfied and our joy is made complete. The place where some mothers won't feel the grieving absences of their children, because there they are together, forever in the radiance of Jesus Christ. Yes, come quickly Lord.


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Girl, I cried all night long when i heard about little Zachary. Knowing the pure joy at the birth of your child and losing him so soon. It seems so unfair and so hard to bear. I hope they are doing ok. By the way, your blog is very entertaining and i have been sitting her laughing reading all the crazy elmo stuff. :)