Saturday, January 16, 2010

I think we have a literalist on our hands

Elizabeth hearts the Sesame Street characters, especially Elmo. So it is probably no surprise that in our beginning efforts to potty train Elizabeth we have used Elmo as an inspiration. But perhaps we just gave her the idea that he is the one who needs all the potty help.

Afterwards she so sweetly proclaim, "Elmo pee-pee in potty." Yes and apparently brushed his teeth with mommy's toothbrush, while bathing in the toilet.

**despite my reaction, I did think it was funny, though I hope Elmo still works...he was expensive. Sorry mom.


Sheri Greene said...

Olivia has one just like it, she says she is ready to give up, so if he didn't make it, let us know! Aunt Sheri

Pam said...

I think Jon is enjoying Melissa's toothbrush being in the potty a little too much...