Thursday, February 4, 2010

hatin' wintertime and longin' for summertime...

The winters are long here. Really long. It is the worst thing about Minneapolis, honestly. If it had Carolina weather here, I think I would be okay. But snow as early as October and snow that lingers around until May...

It's a difficult thing for this once-upon-a-time beach bum. I mean there are beaches here. Lake beaches (what the sam hill is that, anyway?!) where the water feels like little cold knives stabbing you in the legs. It is nothing like baking basking in the sun, taking in the parnorama of the endless sea of a Carolina beach while soaking your feet in its luke-warm salt water.

I mean, yeah, North Carolina winters are schizophrenic. One day it is 70, the next it could be snowing. But that's the beauty of it. It keeps me on my toes and allows me to have my summer apparel out all year long.

But I am thankful for Minneapolis. If it wasn't for this place, I probably wouldn't have a love song with my home state.* I would probably not see the beauty that the Carolinas have to offer. And I probably wouldn't enjoy this new blog Abraham just started. I can just enjoy his love for his city while I'm going to Carolina in mind.

**Here are the other love songs I have..
Wagon Wheel (sorry for the cheesy video, but the original had weird skankly dressed women)
Carolina Girls (of course)
Carolina (great song, but terrible youtube video)

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Aunt Sheri said...

You are WELCOMED back here as soon as you guys are done there! We miss you as much!