Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Desperate for grace in the thick of discipline

Obey! I noticed I use it like abracadabra to a magic trick. The scenarios typically play out like this: She disobeys, Mama disciplines and at the end I give a heartily, "Obey!" I was genuinely confused why more often than not, she would disobey again to the same offense of which I ‘corrected.'

It was when I found myself desperate by the acknowledgment of my own inability, that God graciously showed me: I don’t notice the supernatural work of grace that takes place when obedience happens. I am too self-sufficient. “I got this,” I often say to myself in midst of 'managing' my sin. This type of self-sufficiency is anti-gospel. Unbelief. Sin.

It shouldn’t be Elizabeth’s disobedience that catches me off guard. Rather, it should be when she obeys. Then I should recognize something going on that is beyond the both of us--a gracious God who has overcome the propensity of her hard heart. Her obedience should lead me to worship,gratitude, humility-- not pride.

Now, when Elizabeth obeys, we try to pray and thank Jesus for that specific grace. It’s a good reminder that there is no such thing as "I got this.” We are desperate for Him.

I’m thankful for the force of God’s sanctifying grace in motherhood. Elizabeth is truly a blessing.

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