Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our thrill seeker(s)

There isn't a ride at the MOA (mall of america) that Elizabeth is scared of. Thankfully her height limits those she can ride (and an overly protective parents of course.)

Oh, and she loves to climb fences thanks to Orison, our five-year old neighbor. She climbs up on the picnic table and then can straddle the fence all by herself.

And then, the little one...well, she didn't seem too impressed with the thrill of her first time swinging. Though she didn't really feel well, she certainly didn't mind it.


Drew Pearce said...

we haven't tried any stuff like that with Evie yet, but considering she's not really afraid of anything, I think I'll be buying season passes to Six Flags in a few years.

Bonnie said...

That video made me kind of queasy, my kid will be the one hurling in the trash can. =)

Unknown said...

drew- if evie can invite a friend with those season passes, e is up for it!

bonnie-our kids can still be friends, though they want ride roller coaster together. #switchboardfriendsforever :)