Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day


Can you believe it has been 3 years and a couple of months ago since the day I told you? Sitting on our couch in Wake Forest, I watched you behind tear filled eyes as you opened a gift that I knew was going to change your life (our lives) forever. I still laugh when I think back to it. You thought I had gotten you an iPod. Your face was priceless as you read a white and pink bib that said, "I love Daddy." It's a memory that will always be dear to me.

I never doubted that you would be a great father. But the grace God has lavished on you to lead and love your family well has surpassed all I could have ever thought or asked from Him. When I think about you as my husband and you as the father to our girls, I can't help but to think of God and his sweet mercy and grace to me. You are a great gift to us.

I could not imagine anyone else I would want to be alongside of in this journey of parenthood than with you. Thanks for loving the Gospel in such a way that you turn us to Jesus and shows us the greatness and life-giving joy of being in Jesus.

You are a father for our joy and God's glory. We love you!

Your girls.

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