Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Message to Uncle Joel

Uncle Joel has been a hot topic for Elizabeth at night time since she has been able to communicate. She associates that when night time comes, the sun is going to say hello to Uncle Joel. Not to mention she is really into Hudson Taylor, so we can't help but to talk about Uncle Joel when we read that book. (for the umpteenth time that day). We draw him. Look at his facebook picture. Pray for him often. She knows about China and now she is learning about America...because Uncle Joel is coming back in a week! To say we are excited is an understatement!

We are thankful for you Uncle Joel and are looking forward to seeing you in late August!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I never thought I *could* be a violent mother...

I tried to prepare well for motherhood from the very moment I found out that Elizabeth existed. People gave me great advice. Sometimes it was overwhelming. Sometimes it was encouraging. And sometimes it was just plum scary. The one recurring thing with the advice was that it pointed me to my own neediness. I need God to give me grace to mother well. In my journal, I mean blog, I thought it would only be appropriate to write about what advice didn’t prepare me for. So bear with me. The next couple of posts will be boring for those who only want pictures or videos.

One thing I didn’t expect was how strong the mother-hen syndrome (MHS) would hit me. I nannied for a wonderful family for most of my pregnancy. Though they weren’t my children, I often felt MHS creeping as I carried Elizabeth in my womb. There was once an encounter with a snake. I rest assure that you have never seen a 7 month-pregnant woman sweep up 18 month old twins and sprint for the door like I did. I giggle at the mental picture I have of that day. It was defining for me: the possible threat that snake posed to those children were enough to overcome my natural tendency to faint, and empower me to be willing to choke that thing if I needed to. Thank God I didn’t need to.

Even though I felt a hint of MHS while nannying, it was nothing like I expected when I first held Elizabeth. I can’t explain it to you. Have you ever been angry at a well meaning person who didn’t burp your baby? I have. (Full confession: I actually envision myself body-slamming them through a wall).

I know. It’s bizarre and a little over the top. Body-slamming a person for loving on your baby and not burping them? It didn’t matter the ‘what’ behind their ‘well-meaningness’, it was knowing that my little girl not burping was going to cause her stomach to ache hours later. I didn’t want my baby to hurt no matter what the intentions were. Ok, and I was a little hormonal. :)

My mother-hen syndrome has leveled out some now. I don’t feel the weight on my chest of protecting my little ones for not getting burped properly. I feel it more when I hear a startling noise while I’m at home caring for them. I’ve never been the type to rush to investigate a strange noise. But since becoming a mother, I almost hate it for the person who would present danger for my little ones. I know the outcome probably wouldn’t go as well as I imagine if someone were to come in. I mean, maybe I couldn’t really rip out their heart with my bare hands--but honey--you can believe one thing: I’d die trying, for the sake of protecting my little babes.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hannah Kate's play date

So Hannah....

had her first play date with baby Noelle...

And I wanted to get some pictures of them (they are only 6 weeks apart!)

But Hannah wanted to be on the go.

Finally, she sat still, but an entertaining 2 1/2 year old had their attention...

so this is the best I could get

Because then Hannah fell...

**post-loving picture, of course

Despite the photo session, they had a great time 'playing' together.

Friday, July 23, 2010

some more of Hannah's new tricks

This always gets a laugh out of me:

**and I never think I sound that southern until I hear myself on video....

And her first ponytail!

Contrasted with big sisters first ponytail:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Two of my favorite songs

I tried to get Elizabeth to sing these songs for me so I could capture them on video. I had abandon my efforts (I will spare all the whining videos of her refusing and me begging.) But last night after she was finishing her dinner, she sweetly said, "Mama, want me to sing Zacchaeus?" It was a sweet moment for this mother.

The first song is "Zacchaeus was a wee little man." I personally love her 'tude when it comes to telling Zacchaeus to come down. I have no idea who she got that from. Oh, and the fact it's the southern version, "I'm coming to your house for tea." (thanks grandma)

The second song is "Row, row, row your boat." She says, 'murrily, murrily, murrily,' for 'merrily, merrily, merrily." Seriously, can she be any more adorable?

So without further ado:

Friday, July 9, 2010

new things going on...

Bear with the video. If she didn't think I was so darn hilarious she would have showed her new trick with a lot more swiftness.

Passed out from laughing so hard at mama all that army crawling

Friday, July 2, 2010

a genius

(I mean, I know every mom thinks that their child is a genius. But serious, Elizabeth really is. She just read her first book at 2 1/2!)

**notice when it gets to grandpa, she says grandpoppy. she calls jonathan's dad, 'Poppy.'

Most of All Jesus Loves You by Noel Piper is one of our favorite books. I usually whisper most of the book in Elizabeth's ear when tuck her in at bedtime.

Two things I love about this book:

1. It reminds me that as much as I love our children, it's only a foretaste to the love Jesus has for His children. I want to point my children with my love to a better, greater, and perfect love in Jesus.

2. Elizabeth loves to proclaim what the book tells: Jesus loves you! So much so, that she likes to read her book to Cinderella (and Hannah when she isn't napping).