Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Letter to My Mom on my Birthday (posted a few days late)


I never knew how differently I would view my birthday after I gave birth to our firstborn. 21 years of celebrating and never once did I understand who the real star was. That’s how it is to be a mom—your baby in the spotlight while you are beaming in the shadows.

I understand your sacrifice for me. Nine months of discomfort. Morning sickness, tiredness. Indigestion, heartburn, aching back. Stretch marks, weight gain. Oh, and then labor. You should of hated me by the time I came on that early February 26th morning. But no, it was love at first sight, and all that you experienced you’d experience a hundred times more for me—your little girl. It makes my eyes water to think of the intensity in which you loved me the moment you knew about me. I know. I’ve felt it three times now.

Not only did you sacrifice your body for me but you sacrificed your life. Not that you ever had to jump in front of a bullet to save me. But wow, did you sacrifice on a daily basis. You sacrificed your privacy, your time, your patience, your brainpower. I know it was no small feat to raise me, especially when you were mainly doing it yourself.

I never felt your sacrifice (then) and I never felt the need to pay you back. You so selflessly gave all for me. And I’m incredibly thankful. Thankful for your unconditional love, for your time, for your energy. Thankful for your courage and strength. Thankful for the sacrifice you went through physically and emotionally the day you delivered me. Thankful that you, of all the mamas in the world, are my mama. And I’m thankful for the depth which I understand your love for me when I look at these beautiful girls dancing in my living room and this little one wrecking havoc on my bladder. You thought I was your gift that day—but you were mine. I’m so thankful to Jesus for the gift you are to me today. I love you more than these words can express!


Pam said...

I Love you to and no matter how old you get you will always be my little girl and I will always want to protect and take care of you and fight anyone who would want to harm you....a mothers job is never done....you are a wonderful mom and one day your little girls will write you a beautiful letter and make you cry and you will think "maybe I didn't do such a bad job after all" you are the sunshine in my day and when I want to smile I look at your picture and I know why I want to keep going from day to day....I gave you life but you are my life..I love you with all my heart....mom

Chelsea said...

That was beautiful Melissa! So welll said!