Friday, April 29, 2011

Quick update

We are incredibly thankful to Jesus for the gift of our brothers and sisters who are praying for us. We are humbled by the help offered and the help thats been tangibly given.

My water broke on Wednesday morning. Thankfully I was in Labor and Delivery when it all happened (a story for a whole 'nother post). Here's an update on what's going on and how you can pray for us.

I'm on bedrest. I can only walk to the bathroom. I try to make the most of those 10 steps. (and I apologize in advance for my wordiness—I'm getting kinda bored). From what we have been told we are at a favorable stage for my water to have broken. 34 weeks is like the golden week. At this point keeping the baby inside becomes a greater risk than having a premature baby. I was 33 weeks and 3 days when my water broke, so it puts me close this delivery point.

They wouldn't stop labor if I were to go into labor right now, but they would like to see me get to 34 weeks, which is Sunday. So Sunday morning they will induce labor.

We had an ultrasound yesterday morning. The baby looked great (even smiled at us) and had some hair (isn't it amazing they can recognize that?) The baby also had a little fluid around, so that's a good thing. They estimated the baby's weight at 4 lbs 11 oz. Of course they can be off, but that is still a pretty good projected weight. And yes, we are still not telling what the gender is...

Praying for the baby:

to not have any infections before going into labor or after I deliver.
to have incredibly mature lungs. A main issue is how strong the lungs will be once the baby is breathing on her/his own.
to pick up eating quickly and to be able to gain and maintain his/her weight.
to be able to keep her/his body heat up.

Praying for Me:

Pray for rest. I've been pretty restless at night (due to some medicines) and haven't been able to get much sleep.
(semi) Fast and easy delivery
no complications with baby or me

Praying for Jon:

He is towards the end of his semester. Pray for grace to finish well.
Pray for him as he balances work in the midst of this.
Pray for him to get rest as his ancey wife bangs around the room.

Praying for our souls:

Pray that we would trust more in the person of Christ then in how well we can articulate the relationship between God's sovereignty and goodness.
Pray for us to believe the immeasurable riches of God's grace to us in Christ Jesus. We know we don't deserve any of the good gifts God has given, and (in unbelief) we feel we are capping out God's grace and mercy to us with 2 healthy children and our own health.
Pray for us to continue to trust God with our little premie in the weeks after her/his birth
Pray for us to know that our faith is secured on the rock-solid foundation Who won't be shaken.
Pray for wisdom in how to balance life with 2 young children at home and a newborn who is expected to stay anywhere from 2-6 weeks in the hospital.

My mom was able to get a flight and arrive in Minneapolis at 4 pm on Wednesday. So she has the girls while Jon and I are camping out here. She's been a great help. At this point, I'm not sure about details of other help. Thanks so much for all the offers. I'll keep you all posted.

We're deeply grateful.

Monday, April 25, 2011

You know you might have OD'd on some princesses...

when you are listening to other princess music and look over to discover your little girl trying to brush her knotty hair with a used plastic fork from last night...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Overheard Friday

I overheard Elizabeth saying all this today:

(To Jonathan as he was leaving for work this morning): Kiss me! Kiss me! Kiss me, Prince!

(To Hannah Kate who was touching the trash can): Parnell! Don't do that!

(As we were talking about Good Friday and Resurrection): And the Father raised him from the dead so he could eat more bread!

(Her random song while playing with playdough): Jesus, try some ice cream. Jesus, try some ice cream. I love you Jesus. I need you to forgive me. I love you, Jesus. Jesus, try some ice cream

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things that make my heart happy...

...seeing this beauty belt out princess songs in all her princess garb. I hate you can't really hear her little voice, but trust me, if I'd turned down her princess music, mama would have been yell at and and a tantrum possibly ensued.