Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To my husband on his 26th birthday

Husband of Grace,

These past 2 months have deepened my affections for you. You didn't hesitate to stay by my side as we awaited the unexpected delivery of our first born son at 34 weeks. You gladly waited. You held my hand. You hugged me as I cried. You gently pointed me to the gospel when I felt overcome by fear. You made me laugh. And you let me watch HGTV as much as I wanted.

You waited patiently with me, never grumbling about not being able to concentrate on your school work or about being cooped up in a hospital. You took care of our girls when I was unable to fully mother and you sweetly confirmed me in my temporary lack of ability to mother.

You were rock solid as the hour approached to meet our son. When I felt the pains of labor, you confidently coached me. You, after 2 other births, finally learned how to helpfully count to me. :)

You smiled relievingly with me as we heard our son's first cries. You faithfully stood by and watched our son struggle to breath. You took in all the information the doctor gave. And you cried as I cried in those first crucial 48 hours. You encouraged, confirmed, and comforted me as I struggled through life in the NICU and life at home.

It was a dark time for me and you unwaveringly stood by me. You have selflessly giving yourself to me for 4 years, but especially so in these last 2 months. You've stunningly displayed Christ's love for his church to me. And it's been remarkably sweet to walk with you in this difficult season.

You. What a sweet gift from the Lord!

So thankful for Jesus' life-altering grace in your life these past 26 years!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Singing with the animals

One of my favorite princess inspired things that Elizabeth does as of late is when we go outside and she starts singing with animals.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Melt your heart Thursday

Reasons 101 and 102 as to why I love my husband:
101: He sings princess love songs with our girls.
102: He allows me to post videos of him singing.

In case you haven't seen Tangled, they are recreating this scene.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Month

One exhausting roller-coaster of a month. Jesus is sustaining us and the Spirit is our comforter. And the Father continues to pour grace upon grace in our lives through you. Happy one month my little guy.