Friday, July 22, 2011

Entirely way too many pictures for one blog post, but oh well.

Look at this precious little goofy face

and this sweet little face that kinda reminds me of...

...this used-to-be-litte face

oh, Hannah Kate, seriously, I love your cheese face..

Girls, give me some crazy faces!!!

My eldest adores my youngest!


and my middle child ALWAYS wants in on the loving action..

...and it's just a little TOO much loving for my little man.

so I enforce the no touch policy

and it lasted long enough for me to get the above picture.

so I throw in an extra play toy in the tub for the girls

he's really cute!

volia, freshly bathed goodies! I can almost smell this picture.

Hannah Kate and Micah look a lot like each other

maybe it's their eyes and mouth

but regardless of who looks like who, I got 2 out of the 3 looking at me.

and then I captured 2 out of the 3 smiling!

see, I told you she ALWAYS wants to love him...

...a little TOO much.

Our hands are full--our bathtub is full--our house is full--of all these very, VERY good things!

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