Thursday, August 4, 2011

Picture Thursday

Sometimes princesses just need to have a fruit snack

and put on 'strawberry' lipstick.

I'm not sure what in my mind thought this was a good plan. My poor little Micah.

Hannah Kate has on the 'I'm about to mean' face. You can also tell by the location of her right (I think. I was never really good with my lefts and rights) hand wedging into the secure grip of her older sister.

See. Hannah Kate succeeded; and Elizabeth annoyingly says, "HANNNAH!"

The Highness rebukes. And Hannah says, "What?" trying to maintain her cute innocences.

Elizabeth, sweetie, get a picture of you holding your sister. Yeah, not sure why I thought this would work either.

Oh, well. I should just work with one kid, per picture.

Because they always end up so much better!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

After 6 months of having four kids, I still don't have a good picture of them all together!