Monday, August 1, 2011

Psalm 39

I think it was looking at this picture (we were only 19) and feeling like it was only yesterday I was hanging out at Goldston dorm with my, then, boyfriend. Or maybe it was today when I was feeding Micah and watching Elizabeth dance that it felt like only yesterday it was her I was cradling in my arms feeding. Or maybe it was this tear jerker of a book I read last night that confronted me anew that death is real and will take 100% of the human race at some point or another--including me, my husband, and children.

I knew for certain, though, that these thoughts were God ordained when I just so happen to read Psalm 39. A fleeting creature I am. A shadow. A mere breath.

It was this grace this morning that caused my heart to watch my kids eat breakfast and marvel at the fact that the Lord sustained all 5 beating hearts through the night. We woke up—a gift from God.

I realized this morning that not only am I undeserving to receive such good gifts, I am also undeserving to keep them. So once again, the Giver of all good gifts, lavished upon me these gifts for yet another day.

And this helped me embrace another full day of mothering 3 kids with a humbled heart inclined to gratitude towards a loving and good Father.

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Unknown said...

I am encouraged and challenged afresh by your words of worship. Thank you, Melissa!