Monday, September 12, 2011

Elizabeth's Preschool Orientation

This first picture has nothing to do with preschool. I let Elizabeth pick out her outfit one day last week, and I couldn't get over how well she matched (or how well she cooperated with me to get this picture!).
Beautiful girl! 

Ok, back to the preschool thing. 

She had an open house at her preschool this past Thursday. For the first hour we played with our kids in the classroom. For the second hour the parents had a meeting right across the hall from them. 

How did Elizabeth do?

Elizabeth did fine. She didn't cry when some of the kids cried when the parents left to go to the meeting. She cried when I came back from the meeting and told her it was time to go home.  It was no surprise to me. She is our social butterfly and she loves being around other children (not to mention she does this from time to time when we pick her up from nursery at church). 

How did I do?

Well I cried when I received the letter telling me about the orientation. When we to get her school supplies the day before the orientation, I was really excited! She has been so excited about starting preschool. After getting the supplies we ran into a mom in Target parking lot who told us that she just drop her little girl off at Kindergarten. A huge knot formed in the back of my throat and tears came to my eyes. Maybe it was the look on her face or me just imagining sending Elizabeth to Kindergarten, but it made me realize I'm a little more emotional than I thought. 

We will put her on the bus this Thursday and that is what I'll consider her first day of preschool. I'm just hoping I'm not ridiculous. Oh, and homeschool seems like a probable solution to not ever having to face sending her to Kindergarten. :)

Random things
  • She already knows some of the kids in the class. Morrow, the little guy who lives upstairs, will be in her class and will ride the bus with her! I'm really excited about that. And then there's Abigail, who plays with her sometimes in nursery, she will be in there too! 
  • Elizabeth wore a skirt to preschool. It reminded me that we need to work on the whole 'sit like a lady' thing. 
  • Also, the night before, she got a mosquito bite on her butt. So not only was she not sitting like a lady in her skirt, she was also digging at the bite! It was really hilarious to me. 

"Elizabeth look at mama and smile!"
"Look at mama!"
She's really quick to listen to me.
Sitting beside Morrow
And now, Abigail.
Taking it all in.
Note to self: Don't send her to school in a skirt.
Excited about going on a bear hunt!


Elissa said...

Awe your such a great momma. I can't believe how big our "babies" are! I lol w/ the skirt and bug bite!! Excited for Elizabeth!

Faye Stephenson said...

Melissa, she is so cute..but you are hilarious and need to write a book because you are SO descriptive in your writing. Thanks for the smile and sharing your adventures!