Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy 4 months, Micah!

What does a day in the life of this 4 month old look like?

8:00am- I wake up 'the dude' and feed him.
9:30am-He goes down for a nap.
12:00pm-Wakes up and eats bottle.
1:30pm-Goes down for another nap.
4:00pm-Wakes up and has another bottle.
5:45-6:00pm-Goes down for another nap.
6:45-7:00pm-Wakes up from his cat nap.
8:00pm-Has last bottle and goes to bed

I know. It's a hard life for the both of us. (only kidding!)

And it looks just like his big sister Hannah (when she was his age) and will eventually look like Elizabeth (she was almost 13 months when I wrote that).

For the past month Micah made the jump from sleeping from 10:30pm-8am to 8pm-8am. And for almost a week, he has shared a room with his big sisters! They all go down for their naps around 1:30, and then they all go down around 8 for bedtime. The transition has gone surprisingly well. 

What has this 4 month old been up to this month?

Nappin' by the lakes while my sisters swim with daddy.
Nappin' in big beds
Chillin' at the parks
Flirtin' with mama!
stop. it!
Meeting my best bud

Posin' as batman.
Hangin' with the sistas
Gettin' loved on too much by those sistas.
It's been 4 months full of kisses.
Seriously--too.many.ladies in my life.
And some crazier than others.

How much does this 4 month old weigh?

Well, I'm not sure. Last time (towards the end of July) he weighed 9lbs 7oz. Our next doctor visit is September 14th, so I'll keep you posted.

But what I do know is that he isn't my little 4lb baby anymore....
little guy
big guy!
Micah, dear, it's been 4 months of pure joy with you in my arms. Thanks for tripling the size of my heart!

I love you 'little dude!'