Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our Hannah Kate

She is so funny to me. Here's a video of her imitating daddy doing push-ups on his swivel push up bars

"uck, mommy! uck!"

She always has her water bottle and toys with her in the car

She's a Ham. Biscuit! 

She loves to copy big Sister

It never fails--she always falls. 

She's the kid who wants to play with everything other than the playground

She also likes to eat dirt.

And wear sun glasses

and is pretty content with just a bucket.
I love every ounce of personality this little girl adds to our family. She flavors us with delight, and my heart swells up in gratitude that the Lord would give us such a happy daughter. I love every bit of you, my little girl!

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Catherine said...

I love you, Hannah Kate!