Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A visit with Uncle Joel

Uncle Joel came to visit us again this past weekend.

The girls were thrilled to spend time with him again. Uncle Joel proved to be an excellent tent maker and Elizabeth loved when he was also a 'wuf' (wolf). We did have to have a few conversations with the girls that Jesus gave us Uncle Joel to share...mainly with our middle child who apparently forgot she could walk when he was around. Micah was also pretty excited about chillin' with him, when his sisters gave him a chance to.

Micah + Uncle Joel 

 Hannah Kate laying claim that he was her Uncle Joel

And I'm pretty sure she just finished laying a big wet one on his check.
Sadly, during picture time, Elizabeth was having a hard time.
So this was the best I got of the all the kids with Uncle Joel
And here's the guys taking a break from watching the Cardinals win
Last night when we were putting Elizabeth to bed she asked Jonathan what we were going to do today (I'm guessing she meant tomorrow) and asked if Uncle Joel would be coming. Hannah, randomly, walks throughout the house calling for him. Needless to say, we already miss that guy!

Thanks, Joel, for joining in on all our craziness!

Our joy is certainly increased because of our friendship with you!

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