Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Micah: 6 months old

Micah is such a pleasant baby. His red hair is falling out and it's growing back in blonde. It's the softest fuzz my cheeks have ever snuggled. His blue eyes seem to be getting bluer and his little personality is emerging along with two bottom teeth. 

He loves to kick, smile, turn over, and laugh. Sometimes he is bashful. He thinks his sisters are incredibly entertaining and hilarious. Daddy's already his hero. And mom puts a sparkle in his eyes. 

He is 6 months today. And it's been the sweetest, most difficult, delightful, joyfilled 6 months of my entire life. My heart has quadrupled in size and my arms are overflowing with such wonderful gifts!


May Jesus be your great salvation. May he satisfy your every desire. May you taste his steadfast love that never ceases. May he be your portion forever. And may your joy be ultimate because Jesus claims you as his own. 

I love you, my precious son!

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