Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All things Hannah Kate

Hannah went in for her two year appointment. She is currently 34 inches (45 percentile in height) and 26 1/2 pounds (42 percentile in weight). We were pleasantly impressed by the 3 lbs she packed on since June. Overall, she is growing and developing wonderfully--something we certainly don't want to take for granted.

Some other random things about our dear Hannah:

  • She refers to herself as "Hannah Tate!" 
  • She calls Micah "ga-ga" and if she refers to him as Michaiah it's "me-ga-ga"
  • She calls Elizabeth "la-la" but more recently she will randomly say "wit-a-beths"
  • She moved from saying "da-da" to "daddy". It melts my heart.
  • Sadly, she has started to abandon mama and resorted to mom. She is 2 going on 15.
  • She takes apart her sandwiches. 
  • She likes to string her string cheese.
  • She loves bananas.
  • And elmo.
  • And Woody.
  • and Wendy (from Peter Pan).
  • and princesses.
  • She also likes shoes. and jackets.
  • She doesn't like to wear mittens.
  • And she likes to touch the snow. 
  • Yeah, not a good combination.
  • She loves, LOVES the "kismas twee." 
  • And I love to hear her say it so much, I may never take it down.
  • This kid has some hilarious dance moves.
  • Her first question in the morning is always, "where daddy?"
  • And her favorite question is, "why?"
  • She counts like this: one, TWO, free, nine, TWO! It's too cute to correct right now.
  • She's a really great helper. She will take shoes to the front door, try to hang up her jacket, grab a diaper or the wipes, and throw diapers and trash away. 
  • And if I can't get her to do any of those things, Woody gladly does it for me. 
  • She likes music.
  • And she likes to wear big sister's pajamas. 
  • She knows most of the animal nosies. But if she doesn't know, she will say "meow"
  • She quivers her chin when she says "Naaayy." 
  • She is loaded with personality.
  • She likes to say, "A-MIN!" for amen.
  • She is currently cutting all 4 of her 2 year molars. Poor girl.
  • She gets the most compliments on her hair.
  • And the next, being those big blue eyes.
  • She's a cute one. and she knows since "Wook at mee!!" is a common phrase.
  • If she gets caught disobeying, she freezes. except her eyes. They are moving up and down and side to side with big blinks in between.
  • She hates getting her hair brushed. 
  • If she doesn't like her food, she likes to say, "eww! uck!"
  • She's a hoarder. She would hoard her food and toys if we let her.
  • She likes to snuggle.
  • And put her cheek next to yours when you slow dance.
And these are only the beginning of the things I love about her.  

Photo taken by Jordan Cave


Mike Tong said...

You forgot to mention that I'm her favorite uncle.

Unknown said...

that was going to be, like, the next one i would have said..