Thursday, January 19, 2012

Absolutely Glorious

I love to snuggle Micah right up under his neck.  I want to breathe in as much of his sweet smell as possible, so I get my nose as close to his little neck crevices as I can, even when I know it's mixed with some formula and a little lint.

Hannah Kate, she can give the best hugs this side of Texas. I love it when I'm sitting Indian style (is that okay to say anymore?) and she runs to throw her arms around my neck. Her little body almost knocks me backwards and her little face finds the perfect place between my shoulder and neck. And sometimes, she's just too excited and she squeals and almost burst my ear drums. 

And my sweet Elizabeth. She is getting so big. She's finally mastered the art of not giving sloppy kisses. Well, that's if her nose isn't running.

It was in the middle of the chaos of three little children running around and a very messy house that I knew I wouldn't trade anything in the world to be here. Here, still in my pajamas, hair not brushed (but thankfully the teeth were) in the midst of the three diapers I haven't had a chance to throw away yet.  

I'd rather be deaf from hearing Hannah's screams of delight and feeling her warm body embrace me than any 5 figure salary.

To have this perspective tomorrow will be if-y. There's nothing very romantic about motherhood. Or glamorous, for that matter.

But glorious? Absolutely.

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Ruthie said...

This post just made me so happy. You are so inspiring! May God continue to bless you.