Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm backkk...

"What has happened since the last post?" you may be wondering. Well we moved. Then Spring miraculously came early to the twin cities. Just as I was rebounding from the move, the kids got sick. Elizabeth had pneumonia from the RSV virus. Hannah had a bad cold from the RSV virus. And Micah got hospitalized from the RSV virus. I hate RSV.

Now we are all healthy and (mostly) adorable. My mom is flying in on Wednesday. And it's 70 today. My heart is liable to leap right out of my chest from all this excitement. 

Our awesome tree in the backyard that started to bloom in MARCH! 

 I know this picture is pitiful, but seriously, he is always so happy.  
Let's be honest. This is really for me. I can't WAIT for my mom to come!

Besides him being a model and all...

...He also turned 11 months today. Shut up!

Here's to hoping less crazy times and more blogging! (ok, or perhaps more successful nap times and a mom that ain't tired!)

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