Friday, May 18, 2012

To my graduate

This evening you will walk across a stage and receive your degree. Four years of rigorous training completed. Four years of being in a new territory. Four years of Jesus honing your calling, growing your passion, and stretching you. You will walk across a stage with brothers who have encouraged, sharpened, and supported you. And in front of teachers who have invested, shared their lives, and pointed you to the beauty of the gospel.

And this evening we, your wife and three little children, will sit in a pew and watch you. Watch you close a chapter in your life that has been incredibly sweet and incredibly hard. Watch you bring all your hard work to fruition. Watch you with our hearts full of pride thinking of how you've grown, not only as a student, but as a husband and dad. We'll look on knowing we will be the main ones impacted by all the knowledge and shaping that piece of paper represents.

I'm so tremendously proud of you. Proud of your work. Your study. Of how you've balanced school, teaching TBI classes, leading small group, being a DG employee, and husband and dad.

Jesus has been so kind to us in these four years. Growing our family. Stretching our faith. Deepening our love. By grace, you've led us, loved us, and served us. And we look forward to the next season of our lives, remembering how faithful God has been to us during these seminary years.

You have been a tangible expression of the gospel. I know Jesus better because of your sacrificial love for me. And my heart is inclined to gratitude to God for giving me such an amazing gift in a husband.

We love you, forever, babe!

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