Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Target Tales: Starbucks Disaster

So there we were. All three of my children in the Target check out line and it was only 9:30am. Feeling particularly good about having the kids dressed, fed, and done with my shopping, I wanted to treat myself to a Starbucks coffee. After all, they were all strapped in "the train" (our name for the three-seater cart).

We stroll over to the Starbucks located near the exit of Target. To put things in perspective of how proud I was feeling, I asked for a grande blonde, instead of my usual tall one. They replied they were out of coffee and asked if I could wait an extra five minutes for a fresh pot.

Of course, I can! What's another five minutes to bask in the glory of being the mom of the morning!?

I snapped this picture.

Then it happened.

In the midst of trying to edit my picture in Instagram, I hear my inquisitve Elizabeth ask, "Excuse me, are you a boy or a girl?" I was a little dazed, trying to wrap my head around the fact that this was actually happening, all while trying to inconspicuously form my answer. And trying to forget how hot it was in there. When Hannah Kate interrupted my thoughts by actually answering her sister's repeated question. "Ger!" Then changing her mind: "No, boy! It's a boy. No, gerl! Gerl. Boy!" 

Yep, I think it's time to get some cream and sugar.

And this is how the mother of the morning award was ripped from my hands. 

Next time, it's straight to the car. This was my gentle reminder of why they make drive-thrus. 

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Gary Horn said...

You have enough wacky Target adventures to fill a book. Then you AND Jonathan would both be authors!

MV said...

Oh my word! This is awesome! Love the little sister response. And she didn't forget her manners! I am often similarly reminded why I try to shop alone as often as possible. I'll be giggling about this one for a while :-) Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Gary-You and my grandma have high hopes for my story telling! :)

Margaret-I'm trying to make everyone's bad shopping experience look normal. :)