Monday, October 29, 2012

Jonathan's Office Make-Over

Here is a picture of Jonathan's office before we moved in. It's located in our basement and shares space with the kids' play area
Where the studs are we had a huge Ikea bookcase acting as wall between Jon's office and the kids play area. I currently can't find a picture of what it looked like with it there.
Drywall Up 
Insulation in
Drywall on back
Taped and Mudded 
The window had a cracked in it and a window fan was installed from the previous owners. We took out the fan and window and insulated and drywalled the hole up. It is a useless window since they added onto the house and that window goes directly under our bedroom. Also, Jonathan was already feeling chilly sitting at his desk from the draft. Now, I have a cute window frame that I have big plans for!
Thankfully there is another window that lets in some some light into the man cave study.
The door frame in
The door on

First coat of paint on. I love, LOVE this color gray! 
Painting done
The outside of the study
What it looked like during the play-offs 
The finished product

We painted the wood paneling in the study before we moved in to lighten up the room. When we added the wall and door we decided to get matching book cases. Of course, my husband had a vision of shelves for his book. It was cheaper and he added extra support to help keep the shelves from sagging once we put the books on it. Also, since the shelves were drilled into the wooden paneling it makes it more sturdy. 

We wanted to leave the staircase open at the bottom of the stairs. We figured this would be helpful if we were moving big furniture downstairs to have the flexibility of the opening. I also just like the way it looks. 
My amazing father-in-law came up for a few days to help us get this done. We were so thankful for his help and for Granna to spare her husband for few days.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Hannah Kate Pre-Birthday Post

Oh, my sweet Hannah Kate! I just love her. Every ounce of her personality and every thread of her hair. She is my sweet middle baby, who gets upset weekly we didn't name her Minnie.

Poor thing was sick yesterday and last night was rough. Rough as in, she woke up four times with a fever and screaming in a panic, telling us something about a beast and asking us to put her boogers in her dresser drawer. She is so hilarious and incredibly unpredictable. I love that about her. Most of the time. :)

Here are some videos of my two favorite words that I hope she never outgrows: Henry and George.

And yet, I know she will one day outgrow saying these words this way. She won't be upset that I didn't name her Minnie. And she won't be talking about hiding boogers in drawers.

So I'm trying to soak it in as much as I can. Even when they happen at the inconvenient times like four in the morning. I'll rant with her that I should have thought of the name Minnie the day she was born, and I'll name every boy character in stories I make up Henry George.

Because next week, Lord willing, I'll kiss my two-year-old for the last time and I'll wake up my three-year-old on Thursday morning, and I'll know that these times are going by way too fast.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Target Tales: Working on Proper Pronouns

We were checking out. It was a pretty boring Target run for my group. Well, almost.

Elizabeth is incredibly friendly. She could strike up a conversation with a wall. After asking her usual, What-is-your-name? question, Elizabeth asked our cashier about her favorite color. I was pretty impressed at how naturally Elizabeth was keeping the conversation going.

"Bright Orange," the cashier answered. Elizabeth replied with her own, "Green!"

 Hannah always follows what Elizabeth does. So I wasn't surprised when she piped in her favorite color was: "Pink!" And Hannah, our sweet Hannah,  perhaps with a journalistic instinct, loves to be the one who releases new information. So after telling the cashier her favorite color, she decided to tell her that "Daddy's favorite color is blue."

Then it happened. I could almost see it coming. You see, Daddy's favorite color isn't blue.

But Elizabeth beat me to it. "No," Elizabeth said while pointing at her sister, making her seem even more distance, "her daddy's favorite color is red!"

To which the cashier turns to me a little confused and asks, "They got the same daddy, right?"


In other news, we are now working on proper pronouns. We've now introduced "our". . .  using a simple example: "Daddy is our daddy."