Monday, October 29, 2012

Jonathan's Office Make-Over

Here is a picture of Jonathan's office before we moved in. It's located in our basement and shares space with the kids' play area
Where the studs are we had a huge Ikea bookcase acting as wall between Jon's office and the kids play area. I currently can't find a picture of what it looked like with it there.
Drywall Up 
Insulation in
Drywall on back
Taped and Mudded 
The window had a cracked in it and a window fan was installed from the previous owners. We took out the fan and window and insulated and drywalled the hole up. It is a useless window since they added onto the house and that window goes directly under our bedroom. Also, Jonathan was already feeling chilly sitting at his desk from the draft. Now, I have a cute window frame that I have big plans for!
Thankfully there is another window that lets in some some light into the man cave study.
The door frame in
The door on

First coat of paint on. I love, LOVE this color gray! 
Painting done
The outside of the study
What it looked like during the play-offs 
The finished product

We painted the wood paneling in the study before we moved in to lighten up the room. When we added the wall and door we decided to get matching book cases. Of course, my husband had a vision of shelves for his book. It was cheaper and he added extra support to help keep the shelves from sagging once we put the books on it. Also, since the shelves were drilled into the wooden paneling it makes it more sturdy. 

We wanted to leave the staircase open at the bottom of the stairs. We figured this would be helpful if we were moving big furniture downstairs to have the flexibility of the opening. I also just like the way it looks. 
My amazing father-in-law came up for a few days to help us get this done. We were so thankful for his help and for Granna to spare her husband for few days.


Much Ado About Somethin said...

Awesome! Everyone can coexist in the basement together now!

Unknown said...


We hope so girl! But you know our girls love to be where the peoples at!

Jonathan Parnell said...

It is a Study, not an Office. Come on!

Unknown said...