Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Target Tales: Working on Proper Pronouns

We were checking out. It was a pretty boring Target run for my group. Well, almost.

Elizabeth is incredibly friendly. She could strike up a conversation with a wall. After asking her usual, What-is-your-name? question, Elizabeth asked our cashier about her favorite color. I was pretty impressed at how naturally Elizabeth was keeping the conversation going.

"Bright Orange," the cashier answered. Elizabeth replied with her own, "Green!"

 Hannah always follows what Elizabeth does. So I wasn't surprised when she piped in her favorite color was: "Pink!" And Hannah, our sweet Hannah,  perhaps with a journalistic instinct, loves to be the one who releases new information. So after telling the cashier her favorite color, she decided to tell her that "Daddy's favorite color is blue."

Then it happened. I could almost see it coming. You see, Daddy's favorite color isn't blue.

But Elizabeth beat me to it. "No," Elizabeth said while pointing at her sister, making her seem even more distance, "her daddy's favorite color is red!"

To which the cashier turns to me a little confused and asks, "They got the same daddy, right?"


In other news, we are now working on proper pronouns. We've now introduced "our". . .  using a simple example: "Daddy is our daddy."


Gary Horn said...

The always-entertaining Parnell children, becoming legendary among Target cashiers.

Much Ado About Somethin said...

I love your target stories! They are so cute!!

Becky Laparra said...

I look forward to these tales. they never fail to entertain