Thursday, November 8, 2012

Introducing our Thanksgiving Tree

This year I wanted to do a Thanksgiving Tree with the girls. So I cut some paper bags in a shape of a tree trunk (with the help of my artistic husband) then we cut out different colors of leaves from construction paper and taped it onto the sliding glass window that leads into our sunroom. Each day I ask the girls what they are thankful for. I have loved hearing what comes to the mind of our children. From Hannah, you can tell this activity happens close to a meal time. And from Elizabeth, you see her imaginative side.

On the trunk I wanted to put some verses about expressing thanks. So far, we've put 1 Chron. 16:8; James 1:17; and Psa. 5:11.

What is Hannah Kate thankful for? For food, milk, library books, toys, lunch, my little pony, bananas, cereal

What is Elizabeth thankful for? For cookies, having fun with friends, a puppy, sugar and potty (indoor plumping), drawing, playing, walking in a forest and picking apples.

What is Jonathan thankful for? For books, early mornings, my girls, coffee, a pile of leaves

What am I thankful for? For a warm house, car, Super Target, my prince, an excellent doctor, for Micah feeling better, my girls' imagination, sunshine. 

And the two extra leaves are from Aunt Brittany, who is thankful for Uncle Joel. And from Uncle Joel, who is thankful for his flower girls.

Here are some more things I've expressed thanks for on Facebook.

November 1- I am thankful for snotty-nose kisses, my girls' wild imagination, and a husband who brings home Chinese food for dinner.

November 2- I am thankful for 18 months with this little sweetheart! 

November 3- I am thankful for these leaves that provided shade for us this summer, for a fearless almost 5-year-old, and for the grandparents that will probably not like this picture.

November 6- I am thankful for the right to vote, for the people who have shed their blood for this freedom, and that God still governs all, no matter who is in Office. 

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Gary Horn said...

Great idea, Melissa! It's fun to read those leaves.