Monday, November 5, 2012

My Target Tales: A Cart Escapee

We had just turned the girls' favorite corner. The one where the backpacks hang one after another, each decorated with some of their favorite people: Disney Princesses, Dora, Tinkerbell, Elmo. The girls were eerily quiet as we approached the merchandise.  I was deep in thought about what color of pillows would go best in our living room. I barely noticed.

Something else had caught their eye — something more fascinating than Disney Princesses. 

It was Elizabeth's half-whisper, her desperate "Heeeeyyy!", that snapped me out of pillow thought and brought me back. Who in the world would Elizabeth be talking to like that? I looked around as subtly as I could.

Then I saw it: The big two-seater cart was parked in front of us. The seats were empty. But just below, where kids' feet should rest when sitting properly, laid a little boy around Elizabeth's age, frolicking on his back as his mother was shopping her own agenda (maybe pillows, too).

As we rolled near him, Elizabeth, who was securely fastened in the five-point harness of our cart, cupped her little hands around her mouth, and whispered again, "HEYYYY!! TELL US HOW YOU GOT OUT OF THERE??! TELL US!" 

Thankfully the little boy seemed frightened by the urgency in her voice. And he didn't have time to hash out his secrets of escape. Our roll became a jolt (just let me get some distance!) and the girls still have some unanswered questions I'm not in a hurry to fill.

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Cindy Lou said...

Oh my word. I love it! They are hilARious!

Gary Horn said...

Melissa, you and the kids really should shop more often.