Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baby Parnell #4: Guesses

Latest picture taken: 15 weeks

The other week I had a routine doctor's visit and we scheduled our big ultrasound for next week. I've been all over the place as far as what we are having. I'm constantly going back and forth. 

Past Pregnancy Sickness:

With the girls, I didn't feel better until 16-17 week. I thought I'd be sick the entire pregnancy.

With Micah, I started to feel better around 10 weeks. 

With Parnell #4, I started feeling better around 11 weeks. 

If I were to guess based on how the pregnancy has felt so far, I'd say boy. 

Past Pregnancy Dreams:

With all 3 pregnancy, I never specifically dreamed anything about the gender of the baby. Mainly off the wall things, like red afros or my babies having really dark skin. 

With this pregnancy, I had a dream about being at the ultrasound and seeing the little boy part. A few weeks later, I had a dream that I had two girls at the same time while the doctors were trying to convince me that they were not twins. 

If I were to guess based on this, then I have no.idea.

My chinese baby predictor says girl. 

Family Guesses:

Elizabeth was pretty dead set we were having a girl. But as of recent, she says she really wants a girl, but thinks baby is a boy. 

Hannah thinks baby is hands down a girl. And if you try to ask her otherwise she gets pretty haughty. 

From what I can guess from Micah, he either wants a baseball or a chip. Yep. Hope that's as helpful as the rest of the post is for helping you make an educated guess. 

Jonathan, unlike Micah, isn't saying anything when I ask. Party-pooper.

And me? Well, have I mentioned I'm going back and forth? Oh well, make this my official vote, I'm going BOY! 

And just so you know my guessing history for our past babies, I've been 1 for 3. I thought Elizabeth and Hannah were boys. And I guessed Micah was a boy.

Are you noticing a pattern? Yeah. I always guess boy and so far I'm a terrible guesser. Much like my mom, who has done the same. It's inevitable. I knew I'd turned into her one of these days... :)

But in all seriousness, whether the baby is a boy or a girl, we are just over the moon excited to bring this little one into our home. Can you tell??!

So here's your chance to guess and be excited with us. And we are telling this time, so you'll find out if you are right soon. 

**I couldn't get an online poll to work, so cast your votes in the comments.


MV said...

It won't let me vote, but I guess boy. A very very tiny boy apparently ;)

Gary Horn said...

I'll copy a Bill Cosby routine and predict that you're going to have ... a lizard.

hopefeathers said...

I'm guessing a girl :)

krysti said...

I think it's a BABY! :-)

Unknown said...

Great guess Krysti! I'm guessing, you are right! (I gotta increase my guessing percentage somehow:) )

Sarah Joss said...

Well based on the fact your 2/3 girls, i say girl! lol but i'm all for having another boy!