Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Elizabeth's First Day of Kindergarten

Hello Baby,
my beautiful, first born baby.
The one who has her daddy's brown eyes
And my curly hair.
My baby who my other babies adore and look up to.
The one who greeted Kindergarten holding daddy's hand with eyes wide and a beaming smile.

My baby who's growing more and more into my precious little girl,
particularly on a day like today. 

Oh! And how did these two survive??
They held down crazy quite well without her.


Gary Horn said...

A big milestone for parents! Your kids are so cute.

Sheri Greene said...

Love this! How did it happen sooooo fast? hope its OK, but I downloaded one of the pictures....after my tears, SWEET!

Phoenix kindergarten said...

My child generally doesn't need much strictness, and is well-behaved enough to not require such attention. I have observed the way he is spoken to, from afar when the teachers are unaware that I am there, and it is a very pleasant exchange. (You are who you are when no one is looking!)